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UK Forecast - September 15, 2020
Dry, sunny spells
Warm south, cooler north

A cooler day ahead for many areas. The east to northeast wind will be bringing cloud to eastern England and Scotland, although this breaks to allow sunny spells to develop. More western areas will be having a brighter day with good spells of sunshine. Northern Scotland will be seeing further sunshine and it should be staying dry too. A fair breeze in southern England and Wales. This will be making it feel cooler, especially in the east. Highs at 26C in southern England, 14C in northern Scotland.

Wednesday Night
A dry night for almost everywhere. There will be long clear spells, although rather breezy in the south of England and southern Wales, some patchy cloud here at times. More cloud may affect the far northwest of Scotland and it is here where there could be one or two spots of drizzle. Lowest temperatures will be under the lighter winds and clear skies in northern England and Scotland where temperatures will fall to 3C in central Scotland. Closer to 11C in southern England.

High pressure remains in control on Thursday, centred east of the UK. This will be bringing plenty of dry weather with lots of sunshine. Some low cloud may affect northwest Scotland, and a few patches of lower cloud could drift onto the coasts of northeast England at first too. For most though the day is a fine one, although rather chilly to start. Highs at 22C in the far south, 20C in central Scotland, 21C in Ireland but 16C where the east breeze affects eastern coasts.

High pressure holds to the east as a weak front makes its way across northern Scotland on Friday. This brings cloudier skies here and patchy, mostly light, rain. Staying dry and fine for England, Wales and Ireland although becoming breezy across southern England. More cloud in the south of England too as a front approaches southwestern areas. Feeling cool in that breeze, especially in the east, but warm for most, especially in the west. Highs at 24C in southern England but 15C along eastern coasts.

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