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UK Forecast - June 08, 2020
Dry, sunny spells
Rain north tonight

A fair morning over most of the UK and Ireland. Good spells of sunshine for many. Cloud will be increasing across Ireland and Scotland with spots of rain, drizzle and misty conditions into western Scotland and western Ireland through the afternoon. The sunshine turning watery elsewhere as high cloud increases. The day should be staying dry for most and will be feeling warm too. Highs around 17 to 22C.

Tuesday night
Rain in Scotland and Ireland on Tuesday night, some outbreaks of patchy rain moving into northern England and Wales too. The rest of England should be dry, although with increasing amounts of cloud. Lows at 6 to 10C.


An unsettled day as low pressure settles over the UK and Ireland. There will be periods of rain and showers, some of this heavy at times. A risk of a few thunderstorms in the rain and showers. It may be that the day starts drier in the southeast, before rain and showers arrive later. Mist and low cloud affecting eastern coasts. Highs at 10 to 14C in Scotland, 20C in any brightness in southeast England.

Breezy with plenty of cloud and periods of rain across central and southern England and Wales on Thursday. A strong northeast flow making it feel cold. The rain tending to ease through the day. Generally brighter in western Scotland, broken cloud in the east. A few showers for western Ireland, drier in eastern areas, but windy. Highs at 13 to 17C, but 12C on eastern coasts.

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