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UK Forecast - March 31, 2019
Dry south & east Monday
Becoming cool, showery

High pressure to the southeast brings a fair day for much of England and Wales, after a frosty start. Fronts move into Scotland and Ireland from the west, with outbreaks of rain, turning heavier in western Scotland, and spreading further across Ireland, reaching northwest England and Wales later in the afternoon. Highs 7 to 10C north, 12 to 15C south.


Monday night
A cold front passes eastwards overnight, giving bursts of rain for northern and central England, becoming snow over the higher Pennines. Wintry showers follow into western Scotland. The southeast of England should escape mainly dry. Temperatures 0 to 5C, lowest where skies clear in the north, locally lower.

Low pressure moves across northern Britain. A cold front passes southeastwards early in the day, giving heavy rain for a time. A chilly day with heavy showers spreading from the west. A few brighter spells, the best in the northeast. Snow over high ground in the north and west. Risk of hail and thunder. Highs 6 to 11C.

A chilly northerly wind. Clusters of showers, these very frequent for northern Scotland, with snow over the hills. Wintry showers also for eastern coasts of England. Bands of showers also clipping west Wales and southwest England. Hail and thunder possible. Sunny spells in central areas. Highs 6 to 9C.


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