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UK Forecast - May 16, 2020
Dry south & east
Dull & damp northwest

High pressure to the south of Britain keeps much of England & Wales dry, with sunshine and warmth best toward the south and east. Cloudier skies further northwest. A frontal system moves across Scotland and Ireland, giving dull and wet conditions for western coasts and hills. Patchy rain extends eastward across Scotland. Light southwesterly winds. Highs 17 to 21C in central and southern areas, but 10C or below in western Scotland.

Sunday night
A mostly cloudy night with outbreaks of heavier rain for Scotland and patchy, light rain and showers possible across Ireland and into the north of England too. Staying mostly dry across the rest of England and Wales with clearer skies to the south. Overnight lows generally range from 7 to 11C, coolest under clear skies.

Low pressure passing to the north of Scotland produces rain, drizzle and low cloud across northwestern Britain and Ireland. Only small amounts of rain for most places, but persistent for many hours over western hills as far south as Wales. Generally dry for central and eastern regions of Britain, with a little sunshine breaking through, but mainly cloudy skies. Moderate southwesterly breezes. Highs 15 to 21C, warmest in southeast England.

Remnants of fronts toward the northwest bring cloud and patchy rain or drizzle for western Scotland, Ireland and locally in northwest England, but tending to fizzle out here. Cloudy skies in northern and western areas, but sunshine breaking through across central and eastern counties where it will feel increasingly warm and quite humid. Light southwesterlies. Highs at 15 to 23C, warmest in the Home Counties.

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