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UK Forecast - January 21, 2020
Dry, murky for some
Drizzle western hills

High pressure is going to be in control of the weather across the UK and Ireland on Wednesday. There will be a fair amount of mist and murk through many parts of England and Wales. This will continue to affect these areas throughout the day. It should be largely dry and there will be an occasional bright or sunny spell. Some thick cloud in western Scotland will produce drizzle on coast and hills. Staying dry in Ireland with morning fog lifting to leave some bright spells again. Highs at a milder 7 to 10C.

Wednesday Night
A mainly dry night ahead with further broken cloud. Where there are significant breaks in the cloud mist and fog patches are likely to develop. Thick cloud will continue to affect western Scotland, and it is here where there is the highest chance of some drizzle on Western coast and hills. Breezy in Northwest Scotland but lighter but light winds elsewhere. Lows at 3 to 6C.

The area of high-pressure continues to dominate the weather throughout Thursday. Some parts of England, Wales and Ireland will have dense mist and fog patches at first but these should lift to allow some bright or sunny spells to come through. Thicker cloud affecting southern England producing a few spots of drizzle over the hills. More cloud in western Scotland bringing patchy rain or drizzle here. Remaining breezy in the north-west. Highs at 7 to 9C.

The high-pressure remains on Friday although a week front lies through Northern Ireland and Northern England. Mist and fog may be widespread across much of central, southern and eastern England as well as Wales and southern Ireland. This only slowly breaking to allow for some sunny spells. Cloud might be thicker closer to the front where they could be some drizzle and patchy rain on the hills. Probably brighter in Scotland with decent spells of sunshine. Highs at 3C in northern Scotland, 8C in northern England and 6C in southern England.

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