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UK Forecast - January 14, 2018
Rain then wintry showers
Cold westerly winds

A frontal system passes eastwards across England, bringing rain for several hours, some heavy bursts. Gales around southern coasts. Rain gradually clears from the west, with some sunshine breaking through for Wales and northern England. Showery for western coasts of Britain and Ireland, with hail, or snow over the hills. Isolated thunder western Scotland. Up to 10C early in the day, then dropping from the north-west toward 5C by late afternoon.

Monday night
A chilly and windy night, with brisk westerlies bringing frequent showers onto most western coasts of Britain and Ireland. Showers will locally band together and advance well inland - falling increasingly as snow to low levels in the north & north-west. Possible hail and isolated thunder. Fewer showers toward the east, and some areas may stay dry. A risk of ice. Lows -1 to 2C, or slightly less cold near southern coasts.

A strong and cold westerly wind. Heavy showers, locally very frequent, or merging to constant precipitation in western regions. Snow or hail falling to low levels, accumulating over the hills, perhaps to low levels in the north & west, giving a risk of icy roads. Isolated thunder, especially near western coasts. Brighter toward the Midlands, with sunny intervals. Parts of eastern England may stay dry all day. Highs 3 to 6C, but feeling sub-zero in the wind.

A similar pattern, with an unstable westerly airstream producing heavy and squally showers - of snow or hail again to low levels. Eastern regions will stay driest, with spells of sunshine. The intenstity of the showers tending to ease. Later, a frontal system may move into Ireland, then western Britain, bringing a risk of persistent rain, or snow over high ground. Staying windy, possible gales by evening. Feeling cold. Highs 2 to 5C.

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