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UK Forecast - March 31, 2018
Dry for many Sunday
Rain and snow Monday

Pressure is slack across the British Isles - a col resides over central England. A fairly cloudy but dry picture for many. A little sunshine breaking through. Patchy rain or a few showers possible in central & eastern England, perhaps persistent for an hour or more locally. Fronts arriving from the south-west bring rain to Cornwall, Devon then south Wales later, also southern Ireland and winds will strengthen. Snow showers in far northern Scotland. Highs 7 to 10C.

Sunday night
Rain will spread extensively from the south-west to affect most of England and Wales through the night, heaviest falls toward south Wales and over the hills in the south-west. Snow over the hills of Wales and later the Midlands and Peak District before dawn on Monday. Dry toward the far north of England and much of Scotland. Clear skies in the north result in widespread frost, lows of -2 to -5C in the Highlands. Elsewhere between 0 and 4C, or milder in the far south.

Fronts advance north across Britain. Cold air in northern regions means snow will fall extensively over the Pennines and into southern Scotland - settling to low levels for several hours, then turning wetter. Persistent rain for the Midlands fades slowly, but showery bursts will follow from the south & south-west. Northern Scotland stays dry most of the day. Easterly winds gusting gale force in northern areas, veering southerly and easing. Highs 2 to 5C north, 8 to 12C south.

Low pressure lies west of Britain, with an unsettled southwesterly pattern dominating. Heavy bursts of rain will break out increasingly for many areas, with hail and thunder possible. Blustery winds, gusting gale force in the south-west. Occasional sun, best toward the east & north-east. A front across northern Scotland brings areas of rain and mountain snow, where it stays cold at 4C. Mild in the sun for central England, highs 10 to 14C.

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