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UK Forecast - September 09, 2018
Dry for many Monday
Heavy rain arriving north-west

High pressure to the south brings a dry day with sunshine for the south & east of England and Wales, and largely dry in eastern Scotland too. Fronts move in from the Atlantic, with rain on and off for western Scotland, setting in by evening. Rain develops and turns heavier for Northern Ireland. Cloudy skies and drizzly rain later for north-west England, also west Wales. A southwesterly breeze, strongest around western coasts. Temperatures 15 to 22C, warmest south-east.

Monday night
Heavy rain affects north-western areas, becoming persistent for west Wales and north-west England, but should break up for Scotland as the night progresses. Gusty south-westerly winds for north and western regions. Some fog around coasts and hills in south-west England. The Midlands, south and east of England should stay dry with variable cloud and some clear spells - very mild and humid, staying at 13 to 17C across England & Wales. Lows 7 to 10C Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Dry and warm with some sunshine for south-east England. A front will lie across northern England and Wales, producing cloudy skies and patchy rain, heaviest on western hills. Patchy rain for the Midlands and south-west. Showery for Northern Ireland and western Scotland, but generally dry east of the Highlands. A west or southwesterly breeze, blustery in places. A humid 25C in the south-east, nearer 17 to 21C central & south-western areas. Fresher in the north, 13 to 16C.

A west to southwesterly pattern influences Britain and Ireland with fronts trailing in from the Atlantic. Low cloud, rain or drizzle for Wales and western areas of England, spreading south-eastwards through the day across the Midlands. Showery in western Scotland. However eastern Scotland and north-east England will be mainly dry. The far south-east of England should also stay substantially dry. Fresh in the north, warm in the south. Highs 16 to 23C, but cooler in rain.

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