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UK Forecast - November 02, 2017
Dry, fairly cloudy Friday
Heavy rain into Saturday

A quiet day for much of Britain & Ireland. Fairly cloudy skies for many, although a little sunshine may break through in central & eastern districts. Any early fog patches in low-lying areas will thin and break. Light winds for most, although a south-westerly breeze will freshen in the north. A weak front moves into north-west Scotland and far west of Ireland, producing patchy rain into the afternoon. Highs 9 to 14C, warmest south.

Friday night
Rain develops across south-western Britain into the evening, and then becomes increasingly extensive for southern & central England and much of Wales. Some heavy and persistent falls spreading north-eastwards. Showery rain affects western Scotland & Northern Ireland. The far north of England and eastern Scotland may escape largely dry with clear spells. Blustery wind around coasts. Temperatures 7 to 10C, locally below 5C north.

Detail is uncertain as a complex area of low pressure passes east across central & southern Britain. Heavy rain may affect much of England & Wales during the morning, but should soon clear from the west. Eastern counties may see rain into the afternoon. Brighter skies will follow with sunny spells. Showery for western Scotland & Ireland, some heavy bursts with hail and thunder locally, plus snow on the mountains. Cool in the breeze, 8 to 12C.

A cool north-westerly breeze. Bright with sunny spells for most places, but expect a scattering of showers. Local heavy bursts with hail possible, mostly focused on western coasts of England & Wales, but some shower bands may drift well inland toward the Midlands. Showery too for north & north-west Scotland, with snow over the mountains. Showers tending to fade as pressure builds from the west. Top temperatures 8 to 11C.

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