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UK Forecast - January 18, 2020
Dry and sunny
Frosty, fog patches

Extensive dry weather and plenty of sunshine beneath a very strong area of high pressure centred across England & Wales. Some low lying fog patches. A brisk southwesterly breeze over northwest Scotland with cloud and outbreaks of drizzle here. Temperatures reaching 5 to 7C.


Sunday night
Clear skies and light winds again on Sunday night will allow frost to form again widely. Some fog patches also returning in low lying areas. A southwesterly breeze for Scotland keeps temperatures a little higher in the far northwest. Low temperatures for most between 1 and -2C, locally colder in rural frost hollows.

Lots of dry weather to start the week, but a risk of fog patches, stubborn to clear in some places. Good amounts of sun away from fog. Breezy in Scotland with some rain and drizzle in northwest Scotland. Starting frosty. Highs 5 to 7C for many, but 11C locally in the far north of Scotland.

Staying generally dry beneath high pressure. Further mist and fog patches may linger in places through the day in central and southern Britain. A weak front across Scotland and Northern Ireland produces cloud and a little rain in the northwest, coupled with a westerly breeze. Frost in the morning. Highs 4 to 9C.


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