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UK Forecast - December 26, 2019
Dry and mild for many
Rain western Scotland

High pressure to the south as a southwesterly flow established across the UK and Ireland. A weak front moves into western Ireland and western Scotland bringing cloud and rain here. Rather cloudy in central and southern areas, although few brighter spells breaking through the cloud. Temperatures reaching 8 to 12C.

Friday Night
Generally dry for many places, with any patchy rain confined to northwest Scotland. A brisk south to southwesterly wind for northern and western Britain, also Ireland. Lighter winds for central and eastern England, where low-lying fog patches may form. Variable cloud north and west. Mild, lowest values 5 to 8C.

Higher pressure to the east with low pressure to the west. A strong south to southwest wind with cloud and rain through Ireland and western Scotland. Drier in central and eastern areas with brighter weather developing. It is likely to be fairly mild in these areas too. Highs at 8 to 13C.

High pressure lies to the south of Britain, whilst fronts pass across northern Britain. Cloud and rain in Scotland and Ireland. Drizzle and rain into northwest England too. Drier in eastern and southern England, breezy. Highs at 9 to 13C.


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