UK Forecast - October 04, 2023
Dry & warm south
Wet and cooler north

High pressure to the south of the country with low pressure to the west. Strengthened winds as well as rain, heavy at times, passing through Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, gradually clearing from the west with blustery showers behind. Outbreaks of rain also to affect Wales, northern England as well as patchy rain in central regions, though likely for some sunny intervals and mostly dry weather here. A breezy day with winds strengthening into the afternoon. Southern and southeastern areas should stay dry with sunny spells. Highs at 15 to 19C.

Thursday Night
A windy and blustery night. Outbreaks of rain will affect much of Ireland, Northern Ireland as well as northern England into north and west Wales. Showers onto western coasts and hills of Scotland. Dry otherwise. Lows at a reasonably mild 11 to 16C.


Rain affecting north Wales and much of Ireland will gradually lift northwards through the day as pressure builds. Spells of rain across Northern Ireland, southern parts of Scotland and northern England easing through the day though always at risk of showers here. Rain becoming heavy and persistent across west Scotland. Dry otherwise with sunny spells, best of these in the south where it will feel reasonably warm. Highs at 16 to 22C.

High pressure ridges up from France into England, Wales and Ireland on Saturday allowing for dry, fair and warm weather here. Meanwhile, a front will bring outbreaks of rain to much of Scotland with blustery winds. Highs at 17 to 26C, though cooler across northern Scotland at around 12C.

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