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UK Forecast - February 27, 2019
Cooler, more unsettled
Gales on Saturday

A cloudier day than recently for all, and it will be cooler too. Areas of showery rain will be passing through southern Ireland, Wales and southwest England at first this morning, then spreading into the Midlands and southern England as the morning progresses. The rain eventually reaches East Anglia and southeast England this afternoon as drier weather returns to the west. Some evening sunshine in western Ireland and southwest England. Hazy sunshine but always more cloud across northern England and Scotland, although it should stay dry here. Highs at 10C in northern Scotland, 13C in southeast England.

Thursday Night
Any residual rain clears southeast England overnight. Broken cloud and clear skies then follow from the west. A dry night and quite cool under the clear skies. A touch of frost in Scotland and northern England at 1 to 3C, nearer 4 to 5C elsewhere.


A ridge of high pressure affects the UK on Friday. This brings a fair day with some good spells of sunshine. Always more cloud towards the west, but even here some sunny spells. Cloud will increase through Ireland in the afternoon as rain arrives form the west. Highs at 10 to 13C.

Turning more unsettled on Saturday as fronts pass eastwards. These bring rain overnight, before clearing on Saturday morning to leave much of central and eastern England and Scotland with a bright, dry and windy start to the day. A further area of rain, some of it heavy, will already be crossing Ireland and heading into the west of the UK. This area of rain and wind then spills east through the afternoon. Showers then following into the west. Gales in the west, possibly severe in Ireland and western Scotland. Tops at 8 to 12C.

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