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UK Forecast - June 17, 2022
Cooler from Sunday
Thundery rain in south

Outbreaks of thundery rain, likely heavy and persistent across west Midlands, Wales and towards Lincolnshire on Saturday. Southwestern areas of England too looking likely to see some thundery rain. Largely dry and still hot across the far south and SE England but the odd heavier shower cannot be ruled out. Cooler and fresher for Scotland and the north of Ireland as well as northern England. Some sunny spells here with plenty of dry weather but also showers, mainly affecting far western areas. Most shoud stay dry here. Much of Ireland will be dry too though probably rather cloudy. Highs at 15 to 18C for most, but to a muggy 27C in the far south and south-east.

Saturday Night
Overnight, that heavy thundery rain continues across parts of southwest England, south Wales through the Midlands towards Lincolnshire but also affects more of the far southeast of England. Dry for many inbetween here. Further north it will be fresher with a moderate north-westerly wind. Showery rain affecting the Highlands and islands. Some showers along northern and western coasts too but mainly dry otherwise. Lows at 6 to 12C.

An area of low pressure over the Biscay on Sunday with associated fronts across southern Britiain will continue to bring some thundery showery rain across some southern countues, heavy for some across the far south and southeast for a time before the rain generally looks to ease into the afternoon. Brighter and fresher further north with sunny spells and many places dry, but some scattered showers pushing in on a northerly wind are to be expected. Highs widely at 16 to 19C, though cooler across northern Scotland.

A ridge of high pressure brings a dry day over England and Wales with sunny spells, the best in the east and south. Meanwhile, a weak front will bring more cloud as well as some patchy rain across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Highs at 16 to 21C.


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