UK Forecast - October 15, 2023
Cold starts
Rain by midweek

High pressure remains in control on Monday, resulting in light winds and a dry day, except for some rain affecting the Northern Isles and showers in western coastal areas. Settled conditions will lead to a few early morning fog patches, chilly temperatures and a touch of frost in sheltered locations. It will be a cloudier day than Sunday for many, with the best of the sunshine across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Highs will range from 7C to 12C.

Monday Night
Thicker cloud moves in across southwestern areas of the UK by evening with spells of rain affecting Cornwall and parts of Devon overnight. Largely dry across other areas with the best of the clear skies further north and east. Possible isolated showers through eastern areas of East Anglia. Lows dropping to freezing across parts of the north, generally elsewhere 1 to 7C.

High pressure begins to retreat to the north on Tuesday as a low-pressure system pushes up spells of rain across southwest England and parts of Wales, also bringing slightly milder air. Starting cold with a touch of frost in places across the north and northeast. It will be predominantly dry across the UK, with the best of the sunshine again in across Scotland and some eastern areas of the UK. Winds also picking up across the south as the day progresses. It will be noticeably milder in the south, while colder air hangs on in the North. Highs will range from 9 to 15C.

Rain continues to move up from the southwest on Wednesday with more of England and Wales to be affected. Parts of southern Scotland will see patchy rain move in later. Drier through Northern Ireland and northern Scotland. Strengthened southerly winds for more with gales expected in places. Highs will be in the range of 10 to 15C.

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