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UK Forecast - February 19, 2019
Cloudy, wet in northwest
Increasingly warm and sunny

A southwesterly pattern exists across Britain and Ireland, with fronts passing northeastwards. Cloudy skies for many, with best chance for sunshine toward the southeast of England. Rain and drizzle for the west & northwest - some heavier falls over a few hours over the hills, tending to fade later. Occasional patchy rain reaching the northeast. Breezy, particularly near western coasts and hills. The Midlands, south & eastern England stays largely dry. Mild for all, 10 to 13C.

Wednesday night
A cloudy and mild night for most places. Residual drizzle for western coasts and hills, otherwise generally dry. Rather murky with extensive fog over the hills in the west. Some cloud breaks toward the east & northeast. A south to southwesterly breeze continues. Local fog patches may form in sheltered low lying spots in the Midlands and south, where lowest temperatures falling to 5C or just below. Typical minima staying at a mild 7 to 10C.

High pressure builds from the south across western Europe, with a south to southwesterly airflow prevailing. Fronts over the Atlantic bring cloud and little rain to the far west of Ireland. Patchy drizzle and low cloud around western coasts of Britain too. Most low cloud across central-eastern Britain should break up to give plenty of sun, and feeling warm in soft breezes. Highs 11 to 15C, locally topping 17C for north Wales, northeast England and near the Moray coast.

High pressure centred over southern Scandinavia promotes a very mild southerly airflow across the British Isles. Fronts out to the west bring patchy rain or drizzle to the west of Ireland and west coast of Scotland. Otherwise it will be dry, with low cloud or early fog patches breaking to give plenty of sunshine. Blustery winds in the west, lighter winds in the east. Temperatures climbing to 13 to 16C, locally 18C to the lee of high ground in north Wales & northeast England.

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