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UK Forecast - September 26, 2016
Cloudy, some drizzly rain
Warm and humid

A weak cold front clears east into the North Sea, bringing early rain to eastern England, but soon fading. Largely dry for many areas, but patches of drizzly rain will occasionally drift into western regions. Frequent showers in north-west Scotland. A lot of cloud overall, but some sun may gradually break through. Murky in the south-west. Breezy, strongest in the north, but gusty at first in the east. Highs 16 to 21C, warmest south-east.

Tuesday night
A cloudy night overall. Generally dry across most of the country. A little drizzle around coasts and hills in western Scotland & Ireland, also north-west England. Hill and coastal fog in the south-west. Breezy in the north, gales for a time on Tuesday evening in north-west Scotland. Lighter winds in central & southern areas. A mild night for most, lowest temperatures 10 to 14C, perhaps locally cooler in northern Scotland.

Dry for much of England & Wales, some sunshine toward the east, but a lot of cloud, particularly west. Foggy for many western coasts & hills, drizzly rain at times. Fronts toward the far north-west bring rain to Scotland, turning heavy and persistent over the West Highlands, later advancing south, also setting in for N.Ireland. A breezy day, strongest winds in north-west. Feeling humid, highs 17 to 22C, warmest south-east, cooler in far north.

Low pressure to the north. A weakening cold front passes south-east across Britain, bringing bursts of rain to central & southern areas, but amounts should be small. Occasional sun. Frequent showery rain in the north-west, the rain may become prolonged in western Scotland. Breezy for all, south-westerlies, strongest winds in the north, risk of gales in exposure around northern Scotland. Temperatures 14 to 16C north, up to 18 to 21C south.

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