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UK Forecast - September 07, 2018
Cloudy, patchy rain
Wet Saturday in Wales

Fronts will move in from the west to bring persistent rain to Wales and north-west England, heaviest around Snowdonia. Patchy rain will advance east across the Midlands, reaching eastern England into the afternoon. Largely dry for southern counties, but skies rather cloudy. Some rain affects the south and west of Scotland, but areas east of the Highlands should escape mainly dry. A breeze from the south-west, strongest near western coasts. Highs 15 to 20C, cooler in rain.

Saturday night
Outbreaks of rain will continue across north and western regions into the night, some heavier falls developing again over hills in north-west England and west Wales. Small amounts of rain spreading across the Pennines into east & north-east England. Some drizzly rain for south-west England. Skies generally cloudy, some breaks toward the east. Brisk southwest winds around Irish Sea and south-western coasts. Mild overall, lows 10 to 13C, locally 5 to 8C northern Scotland.

A weakening cold front slips south across Britain. Rain or drizzle most persistent in western regions, tending to fade. Very little reaching east and south-east England, where there should be some cloud breaks and a little sun. Drizzly toward the south-west. A few showers for western Scotland, but drier and brighter toward the east of Scotland. A west to southwesterly breeze, strongest in northern areas. Highs 18 to 22C Midlands and south, 13 to 17C north & west.

High pressure lies to the south of Britain, whilst fronts pass across north-western areas. Warm and dry in the south & east of England and Wales, and largely dry in eastern Scotland too. Cloudy skies for north-western areas. Drizzly rain for north-west England, perhaps a little drizzle for west Wales. Risk of steadier rain for western Scotland. A southwesterly breeze, strongest around western coasts. Temperatures 17 to 24C, warmest south-east.

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