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UK Forecast - January 08, 2018
Cloudy & cool
Patchy rain tonight

Another cold day ahead for all. There will be more cloud around for the north of the UK than on Monday. In fact for most the day is going to be cloudy with some outbreaks of drizzle, mainly on windward facing hills. Little changes into the afternoon with more cloud and some outbreaks of drizzle on hills. More persistent rain and brisker winds arriving in Ireland, with the winds picking up in western Wales and England too. Highs at 4 to 9C.

Tuesday Night
An area of rain passing east through the UK overnight into Tuesday. Outbreaks of rain, mostly light and rather murky throughout. Drier weather probably arriving to the west and through Ireland as the night progresses. Lows near a milder 3 to 7C.


A broad area of low pressure influences the British Isles and Ireland as a front passes north-eastwards on Wednesday. This brings a fragmenting zone of rain, or hill snow in Scotland and northern England, which may persist in southern & eastern Scotland. Brighter spells follow across central England & Wales. Clusters of showers move into the west & south-west, some heavy bursts. Cooler weather moving back in from the west through the day at 5 to 10C.

A ridge of higher pressure is expected to be building through the UK and Ireland on Thursday. This probably allows for rather a misty or even foggy start. Some patchy rain in eastern and southern areas. Probably turning brighter during the day from the west with temperatures around a cooler 4 to 6C.


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