UK Forecast - May 14, 2024
Cloud, some rain
Better south

Cloud afecting much of the country on Tuesday with a band of rain through southern Scotland, northern and eastern England. Murky over hills. Some brighter weather to start the day in northeast Scotland. Drier for much of central and southern England and Wales as well as much of Ireland. Some showers in the southern Ireland and southwest England. This afternoon sees the outbreaks of rain continuing in northern and eastern areas, although turning more patchy. Further showers in southern Ireland. Drier for other areas, but more rain reaching southeast England and continuing in western Scotland too. Highs at 16 to 21C.

Wednesday Night
Cloud and some outbreaks of rain and drizzle affecting southern Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as northern and eastern England. Some clearer skies in central and southern areas. Drier too in northern Scotland. Lows at 9 to 12C.


Low pressure south of the British Isles on Thursday. Sunny spells for many areas. There could be more coud over parts of the Midlands and East Anglia with some spots of rain. Scattered showers and better sunshine in southern areas of England and Wales, but showers developing and becoming heavy here. Scattered showers in Scotland, there heavy in the west. Further showers for western Ireland, drier in the east. Highs at 15C in the east, 21C in Ireland and western Scotland.

Low pressure over central Europe on Friday. A mix of sunny spells and showers, most showers in western areas of England, some of them heavy and thundery. Brighter and drier in central and eastern parts. Drier in Scotland and Ireland with sunny spells here. Warm in the west. Highs at 14C over eastern coast, but more generally 17 to 20C.


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