UK Forecast - August 03, 2022
Chilly nights
Largely dry

Still rather blustery and showery across much of Scotland with rain clearing the northeast here in the morning. Feeling cool exposed in the wind too. Northern Ireland and northwest Ireland will also see showers but plenty of sunny spells too. Elsewhere will be dry and fine with decent sunny spells for many, though southern and southeastern areas of England looking to see more variable cloud cover. Highs at 26C in southeast England, 19C in central England and 17C in Scotland.

Thursday Night
Overnight, largely dry with clear seplls for many, though a blustery north-westerly wind continues across Scotland and Northern Ireland where showers will pester northern and western coasts and hills. Lows at relatively chilly 7 to 11C, cooler still across northern Scotland.

A ridge of high pressure building through much of the UK and Ireland on Friday will bring a dry and fine day for most with sunny spells, though in a persistent north-westerly wind flow expect scattered showers to affect northern and west coasts and hills. A cooler day with highs at 17 to 24C.

High pressure remains over most areas on Saturday and is likely to be centred just west of Ireland. It should be a fair day with good spells of sunshine across England, Wales and Ireland. More cloud cover across Scotland and Northern Ireland with the outbreaks of rain affecting northern Scotland. Highs around 17 to 25C.

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