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UK Forecast - June 06, 2020
Chilly mornings

A northerly breeze affects the British Isles. Low pressure over the North Sea will generate further areas of rain or showers. Persistent light to moderate rain may affect eastern coastal districts of England for several hours. Inland and toward the west, mostly just a few scattered bands of showers through the day, and staying dry for some. Fairly cloudy, a little sun. Highs at 10 to 12C in the northeast, 13 to 19C for most, 20C in the Home Counties.

Sunday night
Rain clears into Sunday evening with just a few showers lingering perhaps to the southeast overnight into Monday. A good deal of cloud around with occasionally clearer skies at times to the west. A stiff northerly breeze persists for eastern coasts. Overnight lows range widely from 3 to 10C, cool enough for a frost to form in more sheltered areas.

High pressure begins to build in across northwestern Britain and Ireland while low pressure pulls away toward central Europe. A few showers for England and Wales, but quite hit and miss, and most places will stay dry. A cool north to northeasterly breeze, strongest around eastern coasts. Mainly dry with variable cloud and sun for Scotland and Northern Ireland, starting chilly. Highs at just 10 or 11C on northeast coasts, more widely 13 to 18C.

High pressure expands across the British Isles to bring a mainly dry day. Any residual showers very isolated across the southeast. A weak front edging in from the Atlantic brings thickening cloud and a risk of patchy rain to the far west of Scotland and Ireland. A clear and chilly start with ground frost in some rural areas. Sunshine giving way to cloud building into the afternoon. Highs at 13 to 19C.

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