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UK Forecast - January 07, 2018
Chilly but dry
Becoming murkier midweek

High pressure centred to the east of Britain produces a chilly east to south-easterly airflow. Generally dry. Rather dull in central and southern areas, with extensive low cloud. Brighter toward the north, with lots of sunshine, best toward the north-west. Feeling cold in the wind, with will be locally strong and gusty around the hills. A frosty start for some. Highs 2 to 5C, a little milder in the far south-west.

Monday night
Low cloud and murk will advance further north across the country overnight. A little fine drizzle is possible locally in the south, but most places will be dry. A continued south-easterly breeze. Some areas of northern Scotland may remain clear, where another hard frost is possible. Temperatures dipping near freezing for many, but probably staying just above zero in most towns and cities. Local lows -5C in Scotland.

A south to southeasterly pattern with blustery and cold winds in exposed areas. A lot of cloud is likely to extend across the country, although most places should be dry. The far north of Scotland is likely to fare best for sunshine. Local sunny breaks elsewhere to the north of high ground. Fronts moving in from the west bring rain to Ireland, and later south-western Britain. Temperatures 4 to 7C, perhaps milder in the far south-west.

A broad trough of low pressure influences the British Isles and a front passes north-eastwards. This brings a fragmenting zone of rain, or hill snow in Scotland and northern England, which may persist in southern & eastern Scotland. Brighter spells follow across central England & Wales. Clusters of showers move into the west & south-west, some heavy bursts. Highs 3 to 9C, mildest south-west.

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