UK Forecast - October 02, 2023
Brighter, fresh & breezy
Showers in northwest

Showers at first in eastern England with a further area of cloud and some showery spots of rain through northern England and Wales. Brighter and fresher weather north and west with a brisk west wind. The brighter and fresher conditions spreading through all areas this morning to leave a bright afternoon. A few showers over western coasts and hills but mainly dry elsewhere. Highs at 19C in the far southeast, 12C in northwest Scotland and more generally 15 to 17C.

Tuesday Night
A mostly dry start to the night although a few showers in western Scotland. Cloud increasing across Ireland, northern and western England and Wales as well as Scotland with rain into Scotland as the night progresses. The rain becoming heavy in western Scotland and windy here too. Increasingly drizzly over western Ireland. Lows at 8 to 11C.

A ridge of high pressure to the south on Wednesday with lower pressure to the north. Rain affecting much of Scotland as a front trails west to east. Murky on western coasts and hills with some low cloud shrouding the hills. Drizzle at times here too. Drier in the rest of England and Ireland with lots of cloud. Rain affecting the north of Ireland with drizzle on western coasts. Highs at 14C in northern Scotland, 17C in southern England.

High pressure to the south of the country with low pressure to the west. Rain, some of it heavy passing through Ireland wit outbreaks of rain in western Wales and western Scotland as well as northwest England. Staying warm and brighter in southern and eastern England although always a fair amount of cloud. Low cloud and mist or fog afecting western coasts and hills too. Winds in Ireland. Highs at 14 to 18C.

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