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UK Forecast - February 13, 2019
Bright spells in east
Mild for all

Another very mild day ahead. There will be plenty of cloud around, especially in the west where there could be some drizzle affecting hills. Eastern areas will tend to be brighter with some sunny spells developing. Little change is expected into this afternoon with western areas again see most of the cloud and the east seen the best of any brightness. Windy in parts of Ireland and western Scotland. Temperatures rising two between 10 and 13C.

Thursday Night
A greasy night with a fair amount of cloud affecting island and much of Scotland. There will be some clear spells across eastern Ireland and much of England and eastern Wales. Lighter winds here will allow temperatures to fall to round 2°C. Temperatures will be closer to 4 or 5°C across the Ireland and the west of Scotland.

Broken clouds and some bright spells for many of us on Friday morning. High pressure is to the east as a front moves into western Scotland and western Ireland. This front will bring outbreaks of rain into the afternoon across the far west of Ireland and western Scotland. As the front arrives the winds will ease here. Elsewhere there will be sunny spells and it should stay dry, the best sunshine in the east. Western coasts and hills could again see some cloud and drizzle. A very mild day with temperatures at 11 to 13°C.

Cloudy skies for many on Saturday as high pressure remains to the east, with low pressure west of Ireland. There will be periods of rain across western parts of the UK and over Ireland too. It will be breezy in the west. Some bright spells across more eastern parts of England and Scotland. Another mild day for all. Temperatures rising to between 11 and 14°C.


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