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UK Forecast - June 09, 2022
Blustery winds
Frequent showers in west

Low pressure will be west of Scotland on Friday. Starting rather cloudy and murky across southeast England before sunny spells develop here. Most places will be bright and largely dry with some good sunny spells though it will be windy, particularly so further northwest. Showers are expected to affect Ireland, initially in the west but likely to push further east later. West Scotland also seeing frequent and some heavy showers, drier further east. A few showers cannot be ruled out across northwest England and west Wales too. Highs at 22 to 23C in central and eastern England, 16 or 17C in western Scotland and western Ireland.

Friday Night
Overnight, showers continue across many western areas, particularly the coasts and hills here. Showers merging into longer spells of rain across western Scotland and northwest Ireland later. Dry with clear spells elsewhere. Lows at 8 to 12C.


Low pressure is expected to be to the north of Scotland on Saturday. Frequent, heavy showers as well as longer spells of rain in northern and western Scotland even eastern regions later, Northern Ireland as well as northern and western regions of Ireland. Windy across the north too. The Borders as well as northern England are also likely to see blustery showers. Showers also to affect west and south Wales as well as across the moors of southwest England. Elsewhere, dry with sunny spells. Highs at 13C in western Scotland, 15 to 19C for many, but to 20 to 22C across central and southeast England.

Low pressure to the north of Scotland with a ridge of high pressure to the southwest on Sunday. Sunny spells but also frequent and heavy showers affecting north and west Scotland, western regions of Ireland, Northern Ireland as well as northwest England and west Wales once again. This includes a few showers looking likely to push eastwards into eastern regions of northern England and Scotland too. Mostly dry and fine elsewhere though one or two isolated showers could pass through. Highs at 23C in the sunshine in southeast England, 17C in Ireland and 14C in western Scotland.

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