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UK Forecast - December 07, 2017
Bitter winds
Snow and hail showers

Bitterly cold northwesterly winds affect the British Isles. Clusters of heavy, squally snow and hail showers will run inland from the Irish Sea into north Wales, north-west England and the West Midlands, which may cause disruption to travel. Northern Ireland plus the north & west of Scotland will also see frequent snow. Isolated thunder. Central, east & southern counties of England should be largely dry with sunny spells. Highs 1 to 4C.

Friday night
Further lines of showers are likely to affect coastal districts exposed to the northwesterly wind. Locally, snow showers may move well inland. Otherwise, much of the country will be dry, with broken cloud and lengthy clear spells for some areas. The wind should tend to ease, and sheltered inland valleys will see a hard frost. Icy conditions almost anywhere following showers. Lows 1 to -2C, but locally -5C or below in northern Britain.

Another cold day, although the wind not as strong. Plenty of bright sunshine with very clear air. Many places should stay dry all day. A few bands of snow and hail showers will feed from the Irish Sea into north Wales, Cheshire and the north-west Midlands. Wintry showers too for Northern Ireland and western Scotland. Local showers toward south-west England too. Snow will affect northern Scotland frequently. Highs 1 to 4C.

An area of low pressure moves across central Britain & Ireland, bringing a complex mix of rain and snow. Areas from the Midlands northwards have a high likelihood of heavy snow for many hours. A tricky mix of rain and snow for central England - snow mainly high ground. Southern regions should just see rain. Largely dry and bright for Scotland, although risk of local snow showers. Temperatures ranging from 0 or -1C north, up to 6 or 7C in southern England.

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