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UK Forecast - August 06, 2018
Becoming fresher, showery
Thunderstorms south-east

A weakening front slips south-eastwards across Britain. Fairly cloudy, with some hazy sun. A little rain or drizzle locally in central & northern areas of England & Wales. A few showers in western Scotland and Ireland. Light winds for most. Toward evening, an increasing risk of thunderstorms spreading from northern France into south-east England. Muggy in the south-east, fresher toward the north-west. Highs 17 to 20C north & west, 24 to 27C Midlands, 29 to 33C south-east.

Tuesday night
Thunderstorms are likely to track north-eastwards across south-east England and East Anglia, although some uncertainty how far inland these will get. A chance they just graze the south-east coast. A risk of local thundery bursts being as far inland as the south/east Midlands. Local bursts may form toward north-east England too. Largely dry with variable cloud and local patchy rain north & west. Lows 14 to 18C south-east, 10 to 13C elsewhere, and 7 to 10C or lower in rural Scotland.

Fresher conditions will extend to all regions. Dry for many hours for the Midlands and eastern England, with some sunshine. Showers in western regions in the morning will become more widespread as the day progresses, always most frequent in the west & north, some heavy bursts with possible thunder locally. Clusters of showers moving into the Midlands, but well scattered toward east & south-east England later. Breezy, gusty at times. Highs 16 to 19C north & west, 21 to 24C south & east.

Troughs passing eastwards will produce periods of showers throughout the day, merging into longer periods of rain for north-western areas, but may be frequent elsewhere for a few hours. Heavy bursts for some, especially northern areas. A chance of thunderstorms over the continent grazing the far south-east. Otherwise, driest along the south coast. Occasional sunshine. A fresh west to southwesterly breeze. Coolest in western Scotland. Highs 16 to 24C.

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