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UK Forecast - March 20, 2020
A dry weekend
Chilly in the wind

A chilly easterly wind affects central and southern Britain, strongest close to southern coasts. A generally dry day, apart from isolated showers in the south. Areas of cloud and rain toward the west of Ireland. Variable cloud and good amounts of sunshine across Britain, sunniest in west & northwestern districts. Starting frosty in sheltered areas. Daytime highs up to 8 to 11C, locally higher.

Saturday night
Skies clearing for many places overnight, allowing temperatures to fall away and widespread frost to form. Staying breezy with variable cloud in the far south. Generally dry. Sheltered rural areas of Wales, northern England & Scotland will dip to 0 to -3C, locally -5C or below in the Highlands. Towns and cities tending to stay above zero, and 3 to 5C or above around most coasts.

Another quiet day with sunshine and well broken cloud. Dry for the majority of the British Isles. A chance of patchy rain around the far western fringes of Ireland, and western islands of Scotland. Perhaps local showers grazing English Channel coasts on an easterly wind. East & southern coasts feeling chilly in this wind. Top temperatures ranging from 8C in East Anglia, up to 13C in the sheltered west.

High pressure located east of Britain maintains generally dry conditions across the country. A southeasterly breeze affects the south, whilst a strengthening southwesterly affects the north & northwest. Fronts passing to the north & west of Scotland bring thicker cloud and patchy rain to the far northwest. Otherwise, after a chilly start, it's a dry and bright day with sunny spells. Highs 8 to 13C.

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