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UK Forecast - November 03, 2017
A cool weekend
Rain clearing, showers

A period of rain affects Midlands, south & east of England in the morning, heavy at times, and lasting into early afternoon for East Anglia. Rain soon clears from west & northern regions - before dawn in Wales & the south-west. Brightening skies and sunny spells extending to many places through the day. Showery for western Scotland & Ireland, some heavy bursts with hail and thunder locally, plus snow on the mountains. Dry for eastern Scotland. Cool in the breeze, 8 to 12C.

Saturday night
Central & eastern regions will see a dry and clear evening and night. Showers will spread inland from western coasts, giving locally frequent bursts of rain, with hail and the odd rumble of thunder possible. Snow over the mountains, which may briefly fall below 400-500m in heavier bursts. A brisk west to north-westerly wind will feel cold. Sheltered spots may see a touch of frost, and local icy patches after showers. Lows 0 to 5C.

A chilly day with a brisk north-westerly breeze. Bright with sunny spells for most places. Clusters of showers will affect western coasts, with some bands of showers spreading well inland into the Midlands, locally heavy with hail. Showery too for northern Scotland, with snow on the mountains. Central & south-eastern Britain should be largely dry. Showers tending to fade as pressure builds from the west. Top temperatures 8 to 11C.

High pressure across Britain brings a dry and sunny day for many places. Early fog patches possible in low-lying areas. Cloud will tend to thicken from the west as fronts move in from the Atlantic. Rain develops for the north-west of Ireland and western Scotland by afternoon and evening, turning heavy. Strengthening south-westerly winds across the west & north. A frosty start for many, then temperatures rising slowly to 8 to 11C.

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