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Seasonal outlook - January 04, 2018
Chilly February
Wetter March

Issued: Thursday 4th January 2018
Duty forecasters: Simon Keeling & Garry Nicholson

Despite low confidence, the current indications are that higher pressure will be to the north of the UK overall in february. Lower pressure will be to the south.
This combination of pressure patterns lends itself to a colder month overall with east or northeast winds being more dominant than usual. Any wintry weather tending to be more prevalent in the east and south.
Tending to be drier and frostier to the north.

After a cold stat with higher pressure to the north and lower pressure to the south. A risk of some wintry precipitation early in the month.
It may be that during the second half of the month conditions turn stormier with strong winds and heavy periods of rain, these preceded by sleet and snow.

Simon Keeling

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