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Scratchbox - May 01, 2021
Issued: 12:54hrs Monday 31th May 2021

Simon: Plenty of sunshine to come through this afternoon over most of the British isles. A warm one too.

Issued: 07:51hrs Monday 31th May 2021

Simon: Low cloud to start this morning in eastern England and eastern coasts of Scotland (see the forecast chart here). This should be lifting by mid to late morning, then lots of sunshine for many areas. Always more cloud in western Ireland, few spots of drizzle here. Warm for all.

Issued: 17:14hrs Sunday 30th May 2021

Simon: A dry night ahead, after a fine evening for most. Some low cloud may drift back into easter counties/ A few showers at first in western Ireland but these fading.

Issued: 07:21hrs Sunday 30th May 2021

Simon: Some low cloud at first this morning in eastern parts of England, this soon burst back to the coast. Plenty of warm sunshine elsewhere, very warm this afternoon for some. An area of cloud developing in southwest England and drifting north into Wales and parts of the Midlands this afternoon.

Issued: 12:36hrs Saturday 29th May 2021

Alexi: This afternoon, cloud should continue to thin allowing for more places to see sunshine. Largely dry but there is still a risk of a few scattered showers popping up in places. Temperatures rising.

Issued: 08:28hrs Saturday 29th May 2021

Alexi: A rather damp feeling and cloudy morning for many, however, others are seeing blue skies - quite a mix out there this morning. Cloud should thin through the day allowing more places to see sunshine. A risk of a few showers developing but mostly dry.

Issued: 17:00hrs Friday 28th May 2021

Alexi: Patchy rain and drizzle should largely fizzle out overnight to allow for largely dry conditions, however, cloud cover looks to stick around and it will be another largely cloudy start to Saturday.

Issued: 13:04hrs Friday 28th May 2021

Alexi: A very slow moving weather scene out there today. Places with cloudier skies and light rain/drizzle will probably continue to see this through the afternoon. Best of any sunshine towards the north and east as well as across far western Irish coasts.

Issued: 08:13hrs Friday 28th May 2021

Alexi: Rather a lot of cloud about today although some lucky places will see lasting sunshine such as the far north and far west. Patchy light rain too for some.

Issued: 17:45hrs Thursday 27th May 2021

Alexi: Cloud will continue to push in form the west. Patchy rain will spread into western areas of England, Scotland as well as Wales by early morning.

Issued: 12:30hrs Thursday 27th May 2021

Alexi: Cloud developing now across places that have been under blue skies. Meanwhile, higher cloud continues to push across Ireland into Northern Ireland with patchy rain also pushing in. Risk of a few showers developing across eastern England/Scotland later.

Issued: 08:15hrs Thursday 27th May 2021

Alexi: Plenty of places seeing dry and sunny weather this morning, however others are seeing cloud, particularly further east. Cloud will thicken from the west today with rain pushing in on a front across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Sunny spells and some scattered showers for rest of the UK but plenty of places staying dry too.

Issued: 15:56hrs Wednesday 26th May 2021

Simon: Rain and showers fading this evening across southwest Scotland and eastern England. Most places should then be dry. However, cloud and rain in likely to be affecting southwest Ireland later in the night.

Issued: 13:45hrs Wednesday 26th May 2021

Simon: Cloud and outbreaks of patchy rain in eastern England. Drier elsewhere, best sunshine in the west.

Issued: 07:23hrs Wednesday 26th May 2021

Simon: Showery rain in eastern and southern Scotland as well as northern England this morning, edging slowly south (see the forecast map here). Some rain further south Ireland and SW England fading. Sunny spells elsewhere. Feeling less cold.

Issued: 18:38hrs Tuesday 25th May 2021

Simon: Rain affects southern coasts of England this evening, but should fade tonight. Rain and showers in Northern England continues.

Issued: 12:51hrs Tuesday 25th May 2021

Simon: More showers in eastern England this afternoon. Rain now in southwest England should be fading this evening. Drier western Scotland. much of Wales and central England, but some showers for central Ireland.

Issued: 07:34hrs Tuesday 25th May 2021

Simon: Showery rain in central and eastern areas this morning showers continue in the east this afternoon. An area of rain now into Southern Ireland will be passing into southwest England. For other areas it becomes brighter and stays dry. Still feeling cold.

Issued: 07:49hrs Monday 24th May 2021

Simon: Heavy showers, hail and thunderstorms in Ireland, Wales and England today. Most of the showers in the south. Rain in central, eastern and northern Scotland, drier to the south.

Issued: 17:13hrs Sunday 23th May 2021

Alexi: Some heavy bursts of rain in the band that is pushing eastwards currently. Tonight, rain will continue to track east and eventually offshore with showers behind. Northern Scotland will see rain linger through the night.

Issued: 08:12hrs Sunday 23th May 2021

Alexi: The rain is coming and already here for western areas! Patchy rain ahead of a heavier band that is currently pushing through Ireland and Northern Ireland. Winds strengthening too.

Issued: 12:24hrs Saturday 22th May 2021

Alexi: Sunny spells across England gradually becoming more apparent through the afternoon. Plenty of dry weather about but showers becoming more widespread.

Issued: 08:19hrs Saturday 22th May 2021

Alexi: A brief respite from the low pressure systems and a ridge of higher pressure allowing for drier and brighter conditions for many, although there will still be some showers about.

Issued: 16:42hrs Friday 21th May 2021

Alexi: Low pressure will continue to track eastwards through tonight with a brief ridge of higher pressure building in from the west allowing for a more improved day on Saturday although still with some showers about.

Issued: 11:56hrs Friday 21th May 2021

Alexi: A miserable day for most with blustery winds and what seems like endless bouts of rain for many. Some possible brighter spells across the far west of Scotland as we go through the day.

Issued: 08:08hrs Friday 21th May 2021

Alexi: The area of low pressure is directly over the UK this morning with outbreaks of rain spiralling around it's centre. A breezy day for all, windy across southern and south-eastern areas of England throughout the day with gusts expected to exceed 50mph in some exposed locations.

Issued: 16:56hrs Thursday 20th May 2021

Alexi: Outbreaks of rain will continue to spiral around the area of low pressure that tracks across Ireland tonight. Blustery conditions continuing also.

Issued: 12:34hrs Thursday 20th May 2021

Very windy with gusts in excess of 50-55mph across parts of south Wales, southwest England and southern regions of Ireland. Winds will continue to strengthen across England and Wales in particular this afternoon.

Issued: 08:02hrs Thursday 20th May 2021

The Atlantic low pushes closer tot he UK and Ireland. Locations furthest east currently in the sunshine will soon see cloud cover increase. Outbreaks of rain continue to push further north and east through the day. Winds will also strengthen.

Issued: 12:41hrs Wednesday 19th May 2021

Simon: Scatrered showers across the country this afternoon. An odd heavy one, although tending to fade from the west.

Issued: 07:11hrs Wednesday 19th May 2021

Simon: Early morning rain in SE England, some heavy, clearing in the coming hours. Cloud and showery rain in central and northern Scotland, easing. A few showers develop in eastern areas, but the west of the UK & Ireland is dry with sunny spells. Feeling milder.

Issued: 17:50hrs Tuesday 18th May 2021

Simon: An area of showers tracking east through southern England tonight. Only scattered showers remaining through the night in other areas.

Issued: 11:53hrs Tuesday 18th May 2021

Simon: Further heavy showers crossing Wales, central and southern England early this afternoon, reaching the east as the afternoon moves on. More showers in Scotland and Ireland too.

Issued: 07:39hrs Tuesday 18th May 2021

Simon: Another showery day for many. After sunshine for some this morning, heavy showers become more widespread. Heaviest in England and Wales. Thunderstorm forecast shows highest risk this afternoon in central, southern and eastern areas.

Issued: 14:12hrs Monday 17th May 2021

Simon: Heavy and thundery showers across southern, eastern and northern England this afternoon. Heavy showers in Southern Ireland too.

Issued: 07:10hrs Monday 17th May 2021

Simon: Heavy showers again today, most in central, eastern and southern England this afternoon with a risk of thunder (already a band of heavy showers NW England & N Wales this morning). Tending to turn drier in west. Some sunny spells. Still cool.

Issued: 17:08hrs Sunday 16th May 2021

Alexi: Plenty of showers about currently, some heavy and thundery, these will gradually become confined towards the south and southeast and clear off allowing for a largely dry second half of the night.

Issued: 12:00hrs Sunday 16th May 2021

Alexi: A few of the heavier showers further south and east are now producing some lightning. Watch out for more of this happening and becoming more widespread through the afternoon.

Issued: 08:08hrs Sunday 16th May 2021

Alexi: Another showery day developing. Like yesterday watch for localised thunder and lightning within the heaviest showers.

Issued: 16:59hrs Saturday 15th May 2021

Alexi: The atmosphere continuing to be unstable across Ireland, Wales and southern parts of England as thunderstorms are developing within the heaviest showers. These showers will continue through this evening but eventually die out overnight.

Issued: 15:06hrs Saturday 15th May 2021

Alexi: Just catching some lightning now in County Carlow and County Kilkenny in those hefty showers.

Issued: 08:14hrs Saturday 15th May 2021

Alexi: An Atlantic low pressure systems sits to the west of Ireland today and pushes patchy outbreaks of rain northwards then sunny spells and showers will develop behind.

Issued: 16:12hrs Friday 14th May 2021

Alexi: Rain pushing in across Munster now and this will gradually push northwards through this evening and overnight. Current heavy and thundery showers ahead of the rain across Northern Ireland and NW Ireland.

Issued: 12:11hrs Friday 14th May 2021

Alexi: A few scattered showers becoming locally heavy across parts of Wales currently. There is the risk of some of these turning thundery. Low pressure pushing in from the west with cloud building across southern Ireland. Staying largely dry but cloudy elsewhere.

Issued: 08:29hrs Friday 14th May 2021

Alexi: A rather cloudy and generally damp feeling day out there for many. There are some sunny spells towards the west and these should push across more before the next Atlantic low pressure with cloud and rain moves in later on.

Issued: 17:04hrs Thursday 13th May 2021

Alexi: Outbreaks of rain will continue across southern areas through the night. Elsewhere, showers will largely fizzle out and a mostly dry night is expected.

Issued: 13:39hrs Thursday 13th May 2021

Alexi: Low pressure in the English Channel is still bringing persistent rainfall to parts of southwest England and Wales. We've recently had some thundery showers across northern England. Drier elsewhere but with stubborn low cloud affecting eastern Scotland still into the afternoon.

Issued: 08:12hrs Thursday 13th May 2021

Alexi: Rather persistent rainfall across Wales and the southwest of England this morning which is looking like it will continue through much of the day. Elsewhere, there will be sunny spells and showers, some heavy.

Issued: 16:53hrs Wednesday 12th May 2021

Alexi: Showers should gradually push offshore and largely die away through the first part of the night seeing clear spells and plenty of dry conditions thereafter, however rain and cloud will affect southern and southwestern parts of England into Wales.

Issued: 12:36hrs Wednesday 12th May 2021

Alexi: Heavy showers continue through this afternoon. Also watch for longer spells of rain pushing up from the Channel towards the west and into central southern areas as well as south Wales later on.

Issued: 08:53hrs Wednesday 12th May 2021

Alexi: Some very heavy showers with lightning just detected offshore the Montrose region in NE Scotland currently. Showers pushing westwards.

Issued: 08:16hrs Wednesday 12th May 2021

Alexi: Another day of hefty showers, possible lightning too, but also sunshine. Longer spells of rain for south/southwest England later.

Issued: 17:21hrs Tuesday 11th May 2021

Simon: An area of heavy and thundery rain passing through northern England and into southern Scotland this evening. A further area of heavy showers over southern Wales and the southern Midlands, passing north. More showers overnight in Ireland and southwest England, with further showers in Scotland.

Issued: 13:25hrs Tuesday 11th May 2021

Simon: A band of heavy showers passing through Wales, the Midlands and East Anglia right now, moving into northern England this afternoon. A further clutch of heavy showers is arriving in southwest England.

Issued: 07:29hrs Tuesday 11th May 2021

Simon: Rain in Scotland this morning clears north. Showers in the south will be spreading into northern England and turning heavier & thundery with hail. Showers for Ireland too. Risk of some heavy rain in far south of Ireland. Mild again, feeling warm in any sunshine in the east.

Issued: 18:04hrs Monday 10th May 2021

Simon: Showers fade from England and Wales this evening, but there will be rain in southern Scotland. A few showers arriving in southwest England.

Issued: 16:26hrs Monday 10th May 2021

Simon: Showers now fading from southern and southeast England, but some torrential and thundery downpours through central and northern England and Wales as well as Scotland.

Issued: 13:34hrs Monday 10th May 2021

Simon: More showers to come this afternoon, heaviest in central and northern England, Scotland and Ireland. Fewer over southern England. Strong gusts in the showers.

Issued: 07:01hrs Monday 10th May 2021

Simon: Showers already affecting western areas this morning. The showers becoming heavier and more widespread this afternoon, mostly in northern and western England, Wales and Scotland as well as Ireland, probably fading East Anglia and the southeast of England later. Milder for all.

Issued: 20:17hrs Sunday 09th May 2021

Simon: No risk of frost tonight as temperatures stay above freezing across the UK.

Issued: 08:41hrs Sunday 09th May 2021

Simon: A warmer start to Sunday for all, and it will be feeling mild throughout the day. Some cloud and showery rain central & southern England this morning, fading Few showers in SE this afternoon. More showers Ireland and western Scotland. Mainly dry and bright elsewhere

Issued: 17:54hrs Saturday 08th May 2021

Simon: Rain tonight through northern England, Wales, the Midlands and southwest England. Very mild in the southeast. Some showers for western and Southern Ireland as well as western Scotland. Heavier rain in Shetland and Orkney.

Issued: 12:21hrs Saturday 08th May 2021

Simon: A sharp temperature contrast south to north this lunchtime as the temperature map for midday shows

Issued: 07:21hrs Saturday 08th May 2021

Simon: A wet and windy Saturday ahead. Radar and satellite this morning, associated with a deep low pressure area, passing north and east. Drier and perhaps briefly brighter far south. Much brighter weather arrives into Ireland this morning, showers this afternoon here.

Issued: 17:04hrs Friday 07th May 2021

Alexi: Make way for a wet and blustery weekend as an area of Atlantic low pressure moves towards Ireland this evening. Showers tonight will gradually become confined to northern and eastern areas.

Issued: 12:39hrs Friday 07th May 2021

Alexi: Well scattered showers, mainly across Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England, will gradually fizzle out in the west and become confined to the east. Rain beginning to move on to coastal areas of south Ireland.

Issued: 08:11hrs Friday 07th May 2021

Alexi: Another day of sunshine and some scattered showers about, these will become confined towards the north and east later on. Cloud building in the west and southwest.

Issued: 16:50hrs Thursday 06th May 2021

Alexi: There have been some really rather heavy showers about across Scotland into northern and central England this afternoon. Through this evening and overnight these showers will become more isolated with plenty of dry and clear periods.

Issued: 12:44hrs Thursday 06th May 2021

Alexi: It still feels rather wintry out there in the chilly northerly wind, particularly further north where the precipitation is falling as sleet and snow over the higher ground.

Issued: 08:12hrs Thursday 06th May 2021

Alexi: A mixed day today with some sunshine about, mainly through central areas, but also showers as well as longer spells of rain for some.

Issued: 16:53hrs Wednesday 05th May 2021

Alexi: Widespread showers this afternoon will gradually die away through this evening and overnight allowing for a largely dry night but with showers continuing for some, particularly further north. Chilly where the skies clear with frost patches forming.

Issued: 12:30hrs Wednesday 05th May 2021

Alexi: Showers becoming more widespread, particularly in the north and west. Heavy in places too. Good spells of sunshine about also. This afternoon, showers will continue to become widespread. Staying chilly.

Issued: 08:19hrs Wednesday 05th May 2021

Alexi: After a frosty start for some it will be another chilly day today with sunshine and showers about.

Issued: 17:57hrs Tuesday 04th May 2021

Simon: Showers fade overnight and skies clear. With lighter winds a frost is going to be forming for many by morning and this could be severe in Northern England, Scotland and parts of Ireland.

Issued: 13:40hrs Tuesday 04th May 2021

Simon: Strong winds continue this afternoon. Further heavy showers central and Northern England. Scotland and Ireland. Drier Southern England.

Issued: 07:35hrs Tuesday 04th May 2021

Simon: Cold today. Heavy showers and longer periods of rain affecting much of northern England, southern & eastern Scotland. Heavy showers in Wales. Drier central & southern Ireland. Drier and brighter southern England.

Issued: 13:25hrs Monday 03th May 2021

Simon: More rain and gales this afternoon, strongest of the winds in central and southern England, Scotland and Ireland.

Issued: 07:32hrs Monday 03th May 2021

Simon: Heavy rain and strong winds passing east through all areas through today. Getting brighter I Ireland this afternoon but with some heavy showers. Northern Scotland stays dry. The far southeast of England may stay dry until late afternoon too. Cold for all.

Issued: 15:29hrs Sunday 02th May 2021

Simon: A touch of frost in more rural areas tonight. Cloud increasing in the west with wind and rain into Ireland by morning.

Issued: 11:19hrs Sunday 02th May 2021

Simon: Gusts of wind in excess of 60mph will affect Ireland, England and Wales on Monday. These speeds are strong enough to cause some damage.

Issued: 07:46hrs Sunday 02th May 2021

Simon: Sunshine and scattered showers today, a few of them heavy. Get prepared for Monday's storm!

Issued: 07:38hrs Sunday 02th May 2021

Simon: Well that was a chilly night! Another frost for some, these were the overnight minimum temperatures to 7am this morning

Issued: 17:42hrs Saturday 01th May 2021

Simon: Another widespread frost ahead tonight, temperatures close to freezing for many. Ground temperatures will be lower still, perhaps -3 to -5C in some prone areas.

Issued: 14:27hrs Saturday 01th May 2021

Simon: Showers through this afternoon, most Midlands, Southern England and Wales, with heavier ones in Scotland and Ireland. Drier and brighter around the coasts. Chilly for all.

Issued: 07:36hrs Saturday 01th May 2021

Simon: A chilly day ahead again with some slow moving showers developing.Sunny spells for many this morning, but cloud will be developing with some slow moving heavy showers this afternoon. If you get them, you'll see them for a while, if not then you are in for a dry day!

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