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Morning Call - January 16, 2020
Wind & rain in west
Drier east, cool

Issued: 0530hrs Thursday 16th January 2020
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Increasing winds with gales in the west, rain spreads east and feeling cool

Good morning,

Don't get fooled by the relatively benign start to the day. You'll need to take a coast and brolly with you! Rain is already knocking on the door of Ireland, with some drizzle in west Wales and southwest England. Winds are picking up in the west too, and these increased wind speeds will be spreading east through the day, making it feel especially cool.

Gales are likely in the west this afternoon as the rain turns heavier. It is likely to be late afternoon and evening before the rain reaches eastern Scotland and eastern England. By which time squally bursts of rain will be tirubling central and western parts of the UK and Wales. Light winds with showers follow into Ireland, some of the showers heavy in the west. The heavier, squally rain passes east through England, Wales and Scotland this evening and in the first part of the night, then clearing into the North Sea. Some showers follow to the west, a few heavy and turning to snow on the hills. Winds will be easing.

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