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Morning Call - December 29, 2018
Wet & windy to start in the north
Overcast everywhere else

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 29th December 2018
Duty forecaster: Claire Darbinyan

An area of low pressure skips past the north of the British Isles on Saturday morning bringing a spell of wet and windy weather to Northern Ireland, Scotland and the north of England but this will clear quickly to leave a mainly dry but rather cloudy afternoon. Staying mild everywhere.

Good morning,

It will be a cloudy, wet and windy start to the day on Saturday for northern areas as a low pressure system lies to the north of Scotland. The heaviest rain will fall in western parts of Scotland however nearly all of Scotland, the northern half of the island of Ireland and northern and central parts of England will see light rain through Friday night and into Saturday morning. Further south it will stay dry but it will be rather overcast through this morning.

The heaviest rain will clear quickly as the low pressure system speeds off over the North Sea but it will leave some drizzly rain behind for Scotland for the rest of the morning. This should dry up though through the early part of the afternoon to leave a dry day almost everywhere away from western coasts. Cloud cover will remain heavy in the west however some good bright spells could develop in the east by the afternoon. Feeling mild with high temperatures of 9 or 10C in Scotland and Northern Ireland, 11-13C likely everywhere else.

It will remain overcast through Saturday afternoon and into the evening with the best of any clearer skies in the southeast. Western coastal areas will always have the greatest risk of some drizzly rain.

Have a great day!

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