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Morning Call - October 25, 2019
Wet & windy south
Bright, breezy, showers north

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 25th October 2019
Duty forecaster: Claire Darbinyan

Outbreaks of rain and strong winds affecting parts of England, Ireland and Wales. Brighter but still breezy with showers to the north.

Good morning,

The day starts bright, breezy and cool to the north with scattered showers affecting northwestern parts of Scotland - these wintry over higher ground. Its cloudier to the south with outbreaks of rain affecting southern parts of Ireland, the southwest and Wales. Through the morning rain becomes heavier and spreads to the north and east. Winds picking up here too. Isolated showers affecting southeastern England.

Heavy rain continues through the afternoon for the southeastern half of Ireland, Wales, across the north of England and into the far south of Scotland. The heaviest rain will affect Wales and northwest England and may fall as snow over higher ground. Strong winds continue to affect southern areas. Showers easing for Scotland, staying drier and brighter here. Highs at 12 to 16C for central and southern England and south Wales; just 5 to 8C everywhere else.

Rain eases for all but the far southeast of Ireland and continues over northern and central England and much of Wales through the evening. Dry but cloudy to the southeast. Dry with clearer skies to the north.

Have a good day!


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