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Morning Call - May 08, 2020
Very warm, plenty of cloud
Isolated showers for many, possibly some thunder

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 9th May, 2020
Duty forecaster: Donal Considine

Good morning,

After a mild, mostly dry night, temperatures will rise rapidly, especially in the south-east -reaching the low-20s by noon, the high teens for the rest of the British Isles. However, it will feel considerably cooler in the very north of Scotland due to a northerly flow, with a chance of some isolated showers. It will be cloudy for the majority of Britain, feeling slightly muggy at times. The cloud will be more broken across Ireland, with some pleasant sunny spells.

The afternoon introduces a continued rise in temperatures, but also a threat of showery, possibly thundery, outbreaks for many. Isolated showers will become widespread across most of Ireland, with a risk of some intense thundery downpours. Showers can also be expected for northern and southern counties of England, thunder likely here too. Many regions can expect some fine sunny spells at times, but the cloud may be thicker in the south-east. Temperatures may reach mid to high-20s in the south-east of Britain, feeling quite muggy under cloud cover, highs of 18 to 22C for most other regions, but remaining cool and showery across northern Scotland.

The threat of showers will decrease into the night, but some risk remains across eastern coasts, and parts of central Ireland. Cloud cover will also begin to break up across the UK. It will remain mild tonight feeling a little humid, particularly in the south-east, but temperatures will cool down over night under clear skies.

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