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Morning Call - July 09, 2018
Remaining Very Dry
Cloudier Than Recent Days

Issued: 0530hrs Monday 9th July 2018
Duty forecaster: Matthew Hugo

Remaining very dry across many areas, still very warm in the south, but cooler in the north and cloudier for most than of late.

Good morning,

It's a dry start to Monday across many areas with bright or sunny spells despite some variable cloud, this most extensive across some northern and eastern regions of the UK. It will soon become warm or very warm through the morning across central and southern areas, but a cooler and fresher feel is likely in the north.

Through the afternoon and no significant changes are forecast with all areas of the UK remaining dry with spells of sunshine but, overall, there will be more cloud present than compared with of late, again perhaps especially across some northern and eastern areas. Very warm in the south and west, cooler and fresher in the north and east.

Into Monday evening and after a very pleasant end to the day the night ahead will be dry with clear spells and some variable cloud. A mild or rather warm night for more central and southern areas of England and Wales, but a cooler and fresher night across the north.


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