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Morning Call - June 18, 2020
Rain, some heavy and thundery.
Drier in Scotland.

Issued: 0530hrs Thursday 18th June 2020
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Mist clearing Scotland to see a mostly dry day here before rain pushes in. Rain and showers, some heavy and thundery further south and west, muggy for many although a slightly cooler feel across central parts.

A misty start for many. An area of low pressure is expected to push northwestwards from southern England towards Northern Ireland on Thursday. It will be a wet and cloudy start across southern parts of England, Wales and Ireland. Further north across Scotland and Northern Ireland it will be dry with sunny spells, once the low cloud and mist lifts along the coasts. The rain however is forecast to push into Northern Ireland later in the morning and into southern Scotland and affect western Scotland as the morning progresses.

Largely dry across most of Scotland during the afternoon although cloud is forecast to thicken and some patchy rain could reach into southern and western parts later on. Further south across England, Wales, as well as Northern Ireland there will be spells of rain. Rain could be heavy to fall across some central parts of England and Ireland. Possible thunderstorms could occur within the heavier rain spells during the afternoon across these areas. A muggy feeling day, particularly across Scotland. Cooler over central England and Ireland.

Tonight brings spells of rain across much of Ireland and Northern Ireland as that area of low pressure pushes off the northwest coast. A trailing front will see some rain, albeit patchy, continue to push northwards across Scotland. Low cloud, mist and merk is expected to move into eastern coasts of Scotland and northern England again overnight. Elsewhere, it is expected to remain largely dry but rather cloudy. Southwest England, however, will see some patchy rain persist through much of the night.

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