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Morning Call - December 18, 2015
Rain in west
Very mild

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 18th December 2015
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Rain in the northwest, drier east and south, very mild

Good morning,

A Moist and mild southwest airflow covers the country again today. This brings rain across Ireland early this morning, although drier for the UK. There could be some bright spells in the east at first too.

During the morning rain spreads across Northern Ireland and into the west of Scotland and western parts of Wales, although most other places should be staying dry but rather cloudy.

This afternoon sees the rain becoming heavy across western Scotland, the risk of some localised flooding by this evening, that rain affecting Cumbria too. Patchier rain in eastern Scotland, but mostly dry for the rest of England and Wales, although with some drizzle over the hills of Wales and southwest England later.

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