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Morning Call - May 17, 2019
Rain & showers south
Dry, brighter north

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 17th May 2019
Duty forecaster: Claire Darbinyan

A cloudy day for Ireland, England and Wales with outbreaks of rain and showers; drier and brighter for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Good morning,

A chilly start to the day and there may be some mist or fog patches first thing over eastern Scotland and northeast England. A band of rain will move westward across Wales and the West Country first thing leaving a few scattered showers behind over East Anglia, the Home Counties and the southeast. A further band of rain will move in from the North Sea over the Lincolnshire coast before spreading west across the Midlands. A mostly cloudy morning across Ireland. Mainly dry with some good sunny spells for Scotland.

Through the afternoon a band of rain will edge from east to west across Ireland, reaching into southwest Northern Ireland too. Rain will continue to edge westward across the Midlands, reaching Wales through the afternoon. A few scattered showers will flare up behind this across England. Staying mostly dry and bright in Scotland. High temperatures widely at 13 to 16C. Warmer in the sun in northwest Scotland at 17 or 18C. Cooler on eastern coasts exposed to the breeze at 10 to 12C.

Cloud will build from the east through the evening and eastern coasts of England will continue to see some showers and outbreaks of light rain. A band of more persistent light rain will also edge into eastern parts of Scotland through the evening too.

Have a great day!

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