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Morning Call - October 18, 2020
Mostly cloudy
Rain later

Issued: 0530hrs Sunday 18th October 2020
Duty forecaster: Claire Darbinyan

The day starts mostly cloudy for the UK and Ireland with showers and patchy rain affecting coastal regions and hilltops. Pressure lowers from the west through the morning with rain arriving over Ireland and western parts of the UK later. Winds picking up from the west too.

Good Morning,

It's mostly cloudy this morning with scattered showers and some patchy rain around. This most likely around coastal regions and over higher ground. Some spells of sunshine will develop, these most likely over southwestern parts of Ireland and the UK.

Through the afternoon high pressure gets squeezed slowly to the southeast as low pressure systems approach from the southwest and northwest. These bring outbreaks of rain across Ireland and Northern Ireland as well as over the northern half of Scotland. A mostly dry afternoon for England and Wales though it stays rather cloudy with the risk of showers remaining for coastal areas.

Northwestern parts of England and Wales cloud see rain arrive through the evening. Patchy rain continues to affect parts of Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Winds picking up here too. Staying drier but cloudy over the southeast UK.

Have a good day!


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