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Morning Call - May 07, 2018
Hot and sunny
Some coastal fog

Issued: 0530hrs Monday 7th May 2018
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Patchy rain Scotland

Good morning,

High pressure lies to the east of Britain today, drawing in a very warm south-easterly airflow.

Generally fair with lots of strong sunshine for England and Wales. A warm front edges north across Scotland bringing cloudy skies and a risk of patchy rain or even a local showery burst. Partly cloudy for much of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Some fog patches around coasts, focused around the Irish Sea and Severn estuary, perhaps extending to north Cornwall. Local fog may drift onto some English Channel coasts and perhaps the south-east. Sea breezes will keep coasts several degrees cooler than inland.

Today's top temperatures will climb to 22 to 25C for much of central and southern England, locally 27C in the London area. Near coasts it will be nearer 14 to 17C, or cooler in the north-east. Scotland and Ireland typically 15 to 18C at best.

Have a great day.