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Morning Call - October 29, 2016
Feeling mild
Dry overall

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 29th October 2016
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Low cloud north-west

Good morning,

Fog patches may persist for many hours this morning in low lying areas, but should break up into hazy sunshine, best in central & south-eastern England.

Extensive very low cloud across north-western regions brings persistent hill fog, may produce a little drizzle, but most of the country will stay dry today. Some fog patches also threaten the hills in the south-west. North-eastern districts should see breaks in the cloud and some sunshine.

Winds mostly very light, feeling mild. Top temperatures 14 to 18C by afternoon, warmest where sunshine comes through, and to the lee of high ground in the north-east.

A very similar day is likely for Sunday. Fog will reform overnight and may be slow to clear in the morning, but where sun breaks through it will be very mild again.

Have a great day.

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