Morning Call - July 05, 2022
Fair east and south
Cloudier west

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 5th July 2022
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Dry with sunny spells, best in the east, but then clouding over in the west

It's a fair morning across much of the British Isles. There will be sunny spells with the best of them in the east and south. Some cloud drifting through Ireland and into the western UK bringing some outbreaks of rain to western Scotland, A few spots of drizzle in western and northern Ireland too.

This afternoon sees the mostly fair weather continuing. Best of the sunshine in eastern areas, but cloudier over in the west. This cloud may be thick enough to give some drizzle in western Scotland and perhaps even a few spots to northwest England and northwest Wales later. Feeing warm in the east and south.

Tonight brings some rain through Scotland. This sinks south into northern England, and although patchy, may bring a few damp hours. Cloudier but dry further south and a mild night for all.

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