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Morning Call - November 05, 2019
Cold, rain in places
Windy northern England

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 5th November 2019
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Cold for all, wind and rain in northern England fading as it slips south

Good morning,

Strong winds, cold and with and rain in northern England as well as central and northern parts of Wales. Drier to the south of England with some sunny spells to the southeast. Few showers in northern and eastern showers. Drier to the west of Scotland and across Ireland too with spells of sunshine here.

This afternoon sees the rain fades into this afternoon as it moves into the Midlands, but there will still be showery bursts. Further showery rain in eastern England and eastern Scotland and breezy and cold here. Brighter to the west of Wales and western England as well as western Scotland. A few showers in Ireland. This evening sees some showery bursts of rain in southern and eastern England as well as eastern Scotland. Breezy in eastern England. Drier in the west.

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