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Morning Call - January 09, 2018
Cloudy & cool
Drizzly bits

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 9th January 2018
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Cloudier skies with outbreaks of drizzle on hills, windier to the west and cool for all

Good morning,

Another cold day ahead today. A warm front has passed north and that is responsible for bringing misture and cloud as well as some outbreaks of drizzle over the hills. Increased winds through Ireland, western Wales and the far west of England with a front bringing rain into the far west of Ireland.

Not much changes this afternoon with more cloud for most of us and that breeze continuing in the west. Bits of drizzle around again with more persistent rain into Ireland and then southwest England. Feeling chilly for all.

Tonight sees the coud and more persistent rain edging east, although tending to fragment as it does so. The cloud keeping temperatures slightly higher than recent nights and returning the frost risk.

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