Morning Call - November 08, 2016
Chilly for all
Increasingly wet in west

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 8th November 2016
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Widespread snow on northern hills

Good morning,

It's a cold start to the day for all regions, temperatures widely near or below freezing. The chilly feel continues throughout the day - best temperatures just 5 to 8C for most, locally 10C in the south-west.

Hazy sunshine will become confined to south-eastern areas as fronts push thickening cloud in from the west. Rain across Ireland will spread increasingly to Scotland, then western areas of England & Wales. For central & southern areas, it stays dry throughout daylight. A few showers may graze the east coast.

Snow will fall across the hills for many hours, coming down to quite low levels - around 200-300m - so prepare for some disruption on higher routes.

Into this evening tonight, the snow and rain becomes more extensive across England & Wales. Areas including the Pennines, Peak District and even moderately high ground of the north Midlands are likely to see some snow, although generally wet at low levels.

The outlook remains cold for many into Wednesday, with rain slow to fade from eastern counties. Thursday will see a mix of sunshine and showers.

Have a great day.

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