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Morning Call - June 05, 2020
Breezy & cool
Wet Scotland

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 5th June 2020
Duty forecaster: Donal Consideine

Cool with showers for the east and west

Cool start to the day for most of us with a fresh north-westerly prevailing across the British Isles this morning. Thick cloud will begin developing along the east coast of the UK into Scotland, remaining somewhat clearer to the south and west including Ireland, where some sunny spells can be expected. Patchy drizzle and isolated showers may occur in regions with thicker overhead cloud across N. Ireland, Scotland and the Midlands, but will remain dry and cool for most, highs 12C in the south-west, 8-9C in the north-east.

The wind will really pick up into the afternoon across the British Isles associated with a deep Low centred in the North Sea. Gale force likely along north and north western coasts of Scotland. Persistent rain, quite heavy at times, can be expected throughout northern Scotland - flash floods possible. The reminder of the UK can expect just some patchy drizzle or light rain, possibly heavy in the south-east of England. Much of Ireland, Wales and southern & central counties of England can expect sunny spells this afternoon, however it will feel quite cool with that strong north-westerly breeze. Highs of 14-15C for most of us, just 4-8C in northern Scotland however.

This evening, heavy rain will persist throughout Scotland, spreading southwards to northern and central counties of England by nightfall, however it will remain quite dry throughout Ireland, Wales and southern counties. It remains quite windy this evening, gales likely along western and northwestern coasts. The thick cloud to the north of the British Isles will make its way southwards as the night progresses, and Northern Ireland and Wales can expect some heavy rain over night. It will be quite cool, widely 6 or 7C but lows of 4C in rural parts.

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