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Morning Call - August 10, 2019
Blustery showers
Gales south

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 10th August 2019
Duty forecaster: Claire Darbinyan

It's a rather blustery day ahead with winds at gale force for southern parts of the British Isles. Showers will affect many areas while others will see more prolonged bursts of heavy rain at times.

Good morning,

It's a blustery start to the day for many today with outbreaks of heavy rain affecting northern parts of England, north Wales, western Ireland and Shetland. Winds will be at gale force (40 mph) or higher for southern counties of Ireland, Wales and England. Gusting higher (up to 50 mph) around exposed coasts and headlands. Gusts to 40 mph or higher will reach well inland over southern Wales and southern and central England. Strong winds affecting most areas through the morning.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms will spread across much of Ireland and northward across Scotland throughout the morning and afternoon while showers, some of them heavy, will continue for Wales and across much of England. Far southern and southeastern counties could avoid any showers through the afternoon but very strong winds will continue to affect these areas. Strong winds continuing to affect most areas through the afternoon with gusts of 35 to 40 mph possible across England and Wales and for northern and western coastal regions of Scotland and Ireland. High temperatures at 15 to 20C for most.

Winds will ease ever so slightly into Saturday evening tough gusts in excess of 30 mph are still possible across England and Wales and for northeastern coasts of Ireland and Scotland. Showers will ease but rain will organise into a heavy band extending from eastern Scotland across southern Scotland and northern England into southeastern Ireland.

Take care out there today!

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