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Month ahead - May 29, 2021
Valid from 31/05 to 27/06 2021
Valid from 31/05 to 27/06 2021

Issued: Saturday 29th May 2021
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

A more settled first half of June, although thundery showers at times, before turning more mixed later.

A brief drier and warmer spell continues into the start of the first week of June but a thundery breakdown is looking more likely from midweek through until Friday. Higher pressure possibly ridging in again the following weekend. Ridge looks to be maintained through until towards the middle part of the month when we could see a trough develop during the latter end of June.

*31/5/21 - 6/6/21*
The ridge becoming in-situ during first half of the week.
Generally dry and warm, particularly to start.
A general slip to more mixed conditions with showers later in the week.
These turning rather lively with some thundery, heavy rainfall expected for some.
Possible ridge trying to build back in again at the weekend.

*7/6/21 - 13/6/21*
Ridge could be maintained across the south and southeast.
Trough emphasised more elsewhere.
Showers or even longer spells of rain further north and west.
Temperatures around average for the time of year.
Possibly cooler at times further north and west where it is more mixed.

*14/6/21 - 20/6/21*
Weak ridge across the country but possibly more so further west.
Drier conditions overall further west with some showers further east.
Better conditions generally compared to previous week.
Again, close to average temperatures for the time of year.

*21/6/21 - 27/6/21*
Ridge slipping away once again this week with a trough more emphasised.
Lower pressure towards the northwest hinting to a more mixed week.
Wetter week generally with rain and showers at times.
Again, close to average temperatures or slightly below further north and west.


Alexi Venerus
Email me at [email protected]

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